“You smells good…”

This past weekend, I had the MOST amazing time in NYC with two girlfriends. We saw FOUR shows, had amazing stage door experiences at all of them, ate delicious food, walked for twenty-five blocks through Central Park, rode the subway, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, visited two neighborhoods I’d never visited before, walked The High Line, ate more delicious food, laughed until we cried, and then cried some more at the beauty of it all. It was JUST the best.

Ashley, me, Bird on The High Line

Ashley, me, Bird on The High Line

I got home late Sunday evening and was so exhausted I crashed without even taking a shower. I knew after a full day of walking outside, a few train rides, and a flight home, I didn’t smell like a dozen roses, but I simply did not have the energy to unpack my toiletries and go about the business of getting clean. It could wait til morning, I decided.

When Cooper woke up the next morning, I went in to see him first thing. I missed that little guy! We reunited with big hugs and lots of I-love-you’s. I was sitting in his bedroom floor, and he slid off the bed to snuggle close. As he settled in, he sniffed. Then sniffed again and said, “You smells GOOD, mama!”

I knew I didn’t. I knew I smelled like industrial buildings and public transportation, but underneath the grime, he smelled ME – the scent that is only mine, the fragrance that is his mom. He recognized the familiarity of it and breathed it in deeply. There was something so beautiful to me in that moment. Something so beautiful about being known so deeply and loved for it. It was a great reminder that even when people are covered in “grime,” their essence is still in there, still beautiful, and still worth loving.

Myrtle Beach, SC {Sept 2013}

Myrtle Beach, SC {Sept 2013}

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One thought on ““You smells good…”

  1. Grammi says:

    Thank you again for sharing Cooper’s thoughts and your inspirational insights.

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