“Who made us?”

A few weekends ago, Cooper and I were sitting on the living room couch. I was reading a novel, he was snuggled in next to me with the iPad. I think he must have been watching a video about how to assemble a particular toy, but I honestly wasn’t watching that closely. Out of nowhere he looked up and said, “Who made us?”

I was surprised to say the least! I said, “What do you mean? Like, who made people?” He said, “Yeah. Who made us?” I said, “Well, God made us. God made people.” He said, “But….how?” I was stunned. I didn’t want to give him too big of an answer, but wanted to jump at the chance to share our faith with my little son. So I said….

A long, long time ago, there wasn’t anything in the world. Nothing at all. But God was there. And God decided he wanted to make a world with planets and trees and water and land and animals and fish and birds. God’s word was so powerful that anything he said just appeared! After he made the world and all the animals, he looked around and realized something was missing. Do you know what it was? 

Cooper pointed at himself and with wonder in his eyes whispered, “Me!”

Ha, I laughed. Right. People. You! So, God decided to make a man and breathe his very own breath into the man’s body. God didn’t want the man to be lonely, so he made a woman too, and told them to have lots of babies that could grow up to have lots of babies who could grow up and have lots of babies. And years and years and years and years later, your Dad and I made a family and had you. And when you grow up, you can have kids too. 

He was still totally into the story, so I decided to take it one step further. 

Do you remember who we celebrate at Christmas? Do you remember the name of Mary’s baby? 

“Jesus!” he said. 

Right. And Jesus wasn’t just Mary’s son, he was God’s son. When God made the world and the people, he made a beautiful garden for them to live in and God would come and talk to them and he was friends with the man and woman. He told them they could have anything they wanted except the food off one tree. And what do you think the man and woman did? 

Having heard this story before (and maybe already being familiar with how tempting it is to do something you’ve been told not to!), Cooper said, “They ate it.” 

Yes, they ate it. And because they were disobedient, they weren’t allowed to live in the garden anymore. They had to go out and work to find their food, and they couldn’t be friends with God anymore. He still watched over them, but there was a wall between them because of their disobedience. So, years and years and years later, God sent his own Son to earth so we could be friends with him again. He taught us to listen to God and love people, and he died so we could talk directly to God again. AND he was SO powerful, he came back to life three days later and went back to live with God. 

God made us, and he loves us and because Jesus came, we can be friends with him again. Isn’t that cool! 

“Yeah!” said Cooper. “That’s so awesome.” 

It sure is, bud.

It was awesome to have that moment with Coops. I have no idea how much he’ll retain. I know he was totally into the story, but that it will be years before he truly understands the significance of our Creator and his love for us. It was such an amazing gift for him to ask that question, and an honor to give him the answer. 

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2 thoughts on ““Who made us?”

  1. Grammi says:

    Michelle, What a beautiful post. A heart-stopping one. Once again, thank you for taking us into your world and helping us feel a part of the wonder of it.

  2. Corrie says:

    Loved reading through several of these posts, Michelle. You guys are awesome and we love you.

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